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Dominique First Smelly Farts Experience Brazilfetishfilms

Gorgeous Dominique has a delicious ass full of farts and will use her favorite fart smelling slave Shirley. The mighty Mistress obeys the poor girl to smell their smelly farts a lot. She is a angry Domme and seating above Shirley---s face drops farts on her nose obeying her to smell and to get her nose very close to her dirty asshole making Shirley almost throws up because those farts are so stinky. Mistress Dominique is a bad girl so she keeps blowing some heavy farts all over the girl---s nose.----VERY HOT SCENES OF: FARTING, BIG BUTTS, DIRTY ASS, ASS SMELLING, ASS SNIFFING AND HUMILIATION!!!

published10th, Dec '15
updated 2nd, May '20
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